Dreaming Of Normality


As Sarah sat and ate dinner with the other nuns she felt a growing sense of confidence inside of her. Firstly, she now had a place in the convent, a purpose, even if it was the simplest of tasks. But secondly, she had a secret that none of them knew: that beneath her habit was a sexy, young woman in black lingerie and stockings; a woman who would be the object of desire of any man alive. The article had told her so. She smiled to herself.

That evening, back in the privacy of her own room, she locked the door, pulled her habit over her head, and admired her figure in the mirror again. She wondered: was this what normal young women did? From the articles in the magazine, it seemed that everyone was dressing to impress the opposite sex, even if they couldn’t see it.

Sarah’s sleep that night was disturbed. She dreamt of herself in the convent. Only, instead of her habit, she was wearing her sexy black underwear and stockings and she had found some high heels like the girl in the magazine photo. And then, for a reason that made no sense, suddenly she was without her underwear, and she had to stand at the front of prayer in nothing but stockings and high heels.

Read the rest of the story in The Rules of the Convent

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