Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 17th August 2019


That’s it. It’s over. Kate and Kieran are no more, and never will be, and I’m so angry I could punch someone. Well, not just anyone: I’d punch Kieran specifically.

It started nicely enough and I went to meet Kieran after work. He was still out with a couple of colleagues, and I could tell he felt pretty damn good about himself when I turned up in a short dress and heeled sandals. But then he just started to get all cocky with them and treating me like I was just some kind of bimbo, there to make him look good.

I hinted that maybe we could just leave and go somewhere by ourselves, because I actually wanted to have a more serious talk with him, and he said something like “You mean so I can get you out of that dress?” and I said “No, and you’ll be lucky if you see any of it the way you’re carrying on.”

One of the other guys said something about “saving it until later”, which I didn’t like much either, and Kieran said that I was never usually this shy, and then he pulled out his phone and showed them a photo from our holiday in Shropshire, where I was walking along the canal with Ha with nothing on!

All the guys were looking me up and down then, and I was so mad and told Kieran I was going to leave and it was up to him if he came with me, so I put my drink down and turned around and before I knew it he had his hands on the bottom of my skirt and had lifted it halfway up my body!

Half the bar saw everything from below the waist before I had a chance to grab my dress and tug it back down, and I turned around and kind of half slapped him and told him not to ever come near me again. I can’t believe how suddenly it all happened.

I felt so humiliated I just came home and I haven’t even told Ha or anyone yet. I’m upset about it all being over, although now I think about it it felt kind of over already, but I’m more upset about what he did and how stupid I was to let myself get into that situation in the first place.

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