Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 11th August 2019


Last night was kind of crazy but also kind of calm and nice all at the same time.

I left home in just my boots and raincoat, like I said. It wasn’t raining but it was pretty breezy. Then before I got to the train I had a text from Ellie to say she was on her way and we could meet at the station. I didn’t realise she lived so close, but I was outside for five minutes before she got off a bus. It made my heart flutter a bit when I saw her, which I think had a lot to do with how little I was wearing at the time. The breeze had free reign, shall we say.

Ellie was wearing long flowery dress with a jacket. She looked really nice and elegant and I envy her for her figure.

We got on the train and I wasn’t going to dare to sit down because the jacket bottom opens at the front, but then Ellie sat down and I felt I had to sit next to her. So I kept my hands on my thighs to make sure my coat stayed in place.

It was funny, because nothing was said about what might happen when we got there, and I’m sure Ellie suspected I wasn’t wearing much at all but she didn’t say anything.

So we arrived together at Ha’s, and I was kind of used to this now so as soon as I was in the front door I took my coat off, and Ellie’s eyes were out of her head as I stood in the hallway in nothing but my ankle boots. I said something like “Well, what did you expect?” and she smiled.

I then had to take my shoes off in a rather ungainly fashion, because I didn’t want to be wearing just those. Ellie asked Ha if she had to take her shoes off and Ha said she could take off anything she wanted, which made her blush, but she didn’t have to. Ellie left her shoes on, which made me feel even more naked.

So then we sat around and chatted over a glass of wine, with me naked, and Ellie in her long flowery dress, and Ha and Lily both wearing tight dresses that showed just how thin they were. Boy was I horny by the time dinner came around.

But I managed to concentrate on eating, because Ha is a really good cook, and once I’ve been naked for a while, and sitting at a dining table, I kind of get used to it. Until I feel bits of food bounce off my chest, of course. Crumbs in the cleavage is just something that I never thought would be a problem with nudity, but it is.

Then we went and sat around and talked some more. I was next to Ellie on the sofa, and even if I wasn’t looking at her I could feel her next to me, even if we never touched. It was her who started asking about how it ended up with me sitting here with nothing on, and it turned out she had an awful lot of questions. And then Ha said at some point, “You know, the easiest way to get an answer to all these questions is just to try it yourself.” I felt kind of jealous that maybe Ha fancied Ellie! I know it’s silly but I like that she kind of likes me.

Ellie turned red, but also seemed to be thinking about it, before saying that she didn’t think she could. So then we started the hard sell, because I’m kind of curious to be on the other side of things too now. I can’t imagine it’s as much fun being around someone who’s naked, but you never know.

We didn’t get a conclusive answer but just to keep us quiet Ellie promised that she’d consider it.

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