Setting The Musician Free


“You’re a beautiful young girl, Jessica,” Miss Ashdown whispered, “So now let’s see how you play.”

She led her student back to the piano and sat her down. Jessica was past the point of asking for her clothes back; she had become so aroused by the exercise that every touch of her feet on the wooden floor, her bare skin on the rough piano stool, and her feet on the chill brass of the pedals was like electricity through her body.

Miss Ashdown watched as Jessica caressed the keys and the piano sang in response. She envied her for her passion and, perhaps a little, for her physique too as she moved up and down the scales. She noticed how Jessica moved her position on the stool to stimulate her body yet further, how she would lean into the piano as if she wanted to climb on top of it, and she could feel the essence of the young woman’s sexuality in every passage she played.

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