Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 2nd August 2019


The night out was a lot of fun! Ellie said she recognised Ha and Lily from the naked bike ride day, and I had to admit that I didn’t really know Ellie apart from through work, and pretended that we’d talked more than we had, because otherwise it might seem a bit weird… I guess it is a bit weird, because I don’t even know if we can be actual friends.

Although based on last night I’m pretty sure we will. And, of course, Ha got me into all kinds of trouble.

It was all because Ellie started digging and said it was funny seeing me sitting there nude for half of the evening when the bike ride had finished, and Ha said that I was almost always nude, because she was drunk, and I slapped her on the arm, but Ellie reminded me that I’d told her the same thing!

So Ha told her about the holiday, and I sort of wanted to stop her and sort of didn’t. And Ellie asked if it was just us three, and Ha said “And Kieran, who’s Kate’s boyfriend,” and without thinking I said “for the moment” and I got a long hard stare from both Ha and Lily.

Then Ha asked Ellie about the bike ride and she said that she’d done it totally naked too, just like Ha had. And Ellie said she was, and it was a lot of fun. Ha said she found it a bit weird to be naked outside, and it was only okay because lots of others were too (even if most of them were men), but she wouldn’t really like it otherwise. And Ellie said she wished it was okay to be nude whenever she wanted without people judging her!


Ha and Lily’s eyes popped out of their heads and I just smiled at Ellie, and Ellie blushed, and then I said that at my place it was okay for anyone to be nude any time they liked. Ha and Lily looked at each other, and looking back I think it sounded like a come-on, which it most definitely wasn’t. It made Ellie turn an even brighter shade of red, though.

Ha said “and our place too, because Kate is rarely dressed when she arrives,” and Ellie gave me another hard look, as if she was changing her opinion of me, and Ha, of course, never stops, so just said “We’ll invite you round for dinner sometime, unless you object to seeing Kate in the nude again.” Ellie said “not at all”, and then I blushed.

Oh my.

3 thoughts on “Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 2nd August 2019

  1. Philip Matthew

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the diary from the beginning, and I really hope that you continue with it. A BIG THANK YOU. I know that it is a Labour of Love, but I’m sure that the concept could be converted to a book – think Adrian Mole 🙂

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