Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 20th July 2019


I did something completely mad! So I got up and had breakfast without dressing, as I had all week, and packed my things except for a little dress that I put in a bag, but when it was time to go I just got into the car naked, not even with shoes on, and I could see everyone give me a look and then stop themselves from saying anything because they liked it this way too. I was just so keen to prolong the fun for as long as possible, and I’d spent plenty of time nude in the car this week and was getting used to the odd person seeing inside.

Anyway, we set off back home and stopped for lunch on the way, and then I had to put the dress on, but before we got back into the car, right in the middle of the car park, I pulled it off and stuffed it back into the bag before climbing in (very quickly!). I actually don’t think anyone saw me.

But then when we started getting closer to home I thought it was time to put my dress on, but, guess what? My bag was nowhere to be found. I asked the others, and described it, and Lily said “oh, I think we put it in the back before we left.”

I tried to look around for it, but there was so much stuff in there I couldn’t see anything, so I said we’d have to stop because my dress was in it. And Ha, of course, gave me that look, and said we should push on so we can get home in time for dinner. And that got me a bit excited too, because now there was some danger to the whole situation, because we were getting near town, and getting nearer to people who might recognise me, and I had no way of covering myself. So I complained a bit, but not too much, just enough to pretend I wasn’t sort of getting a thrill out of it already.

But then Lily pulled up outside my flat, and I had to work out how to get from the car to the front door, because it was bright daylight. It’s not a busy street, but all it needed was someone to look out of the window.

Luckily Kieran said he’d take my bags in, and he has a key now, so while he had the door open I told Lily and Ha what an amazing time I’d had and it was the best holiday ever, and Ha gave me a hug in the back of the car (and that was really nice too), and then I made a run for it to the front door.

I just got inside and then gave Kieran a kiss and a hug, and really wanted to have sex then, but he had to get his bags back to his place so we said goodbye just inside the doorway. And just as I closed it I looked up and saw the young woman in the upstairs flat opposite looking right at me as I stood there in the nude!

She’s probably seen me loads of times inside the flat, and I sort of didn’t care that much, so I gave the other three a wave and lingered a bit before I shut the door, and then closed it behind me with a big grin on my face.

I know I keep saying it, but it was the most amazing holiday ever.

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