Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 7th July 2019


The friends liked Kieran. I’d met one of their boyfriends before but not another, and the men sort of chatted together about all the boring things that they seem to chat about when they don’t know each other (football, motor racing, work). Jennifer, who I used to do music lessons with after school, said she really liked my dress and was envious about how I’d managed to stay so slim. So Pilates and running is working after all. I just had to resist the sudden urge to strip the dress off and show just how much I’d changed, although I did force myself to wear knickers since we were sitting around on the grass.

Kieran came back home afterwards and I waited for him to undress me, which didn’t take long. Although I was more in the mood for sleep when it came to it so I finished him off quickly and didn’t even bother with myself. I made sure he corrected that this morning, of course…

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