Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 30th June 2019


I thought Ben was actually out last night when I got to Kieran’s and was naked as soon as we got to his room, and then when I went to the kitchen there he was! He doesn’t even say anything about it now, but I can feel him watching me. It’s nice. I asked him about Helen but she was away for the weekend.

Then somehow we ended up playing a board game and drinking wine, with me nude all the while! It was lovely because half the time I forgot about it, and the other half I remembered because either Ben or Kieran would be gawping at my boobs wobbling over the board as I moved my pieces around. It was a bit of a complicated game (something about Catan?) that Ben knew, but I think my body was a distraction for them as I still won. And Kieran came last, which made me feel good because I think he doesn’t appreciated I can be quite clever sometimes (but only sometimes).

Kieran says he doesn’t know where Ha is booking either, but I think he does but just isn’t telling me.

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