A Popular Nude


Sue let go of my hand and Martha released the other one taking my bra with her. She handed it to Kathy, still walking hand-in-hand with Tan behind us, and she pushed it into Martha’s rucksack along with the rest of my clothes.

Sue and Martha had dropped their hands to their sides, but I wasn’t done waving. I had been a cheerleader at school and I moved well to music. And besides, my breasts looked amazing when I held my hands above my head.

I was receiving no end of whistles and cheers from the crowd and I began to skip in circles as we walked along. The four girls around me smiled at each other, and I realised they were probably enjoying the show as much as most of the women at the parade. And the great thing was: this was Pride, and no-one cared, including me.

“Hey, beautiful!” a female voice said from the crowd. It was a slim blonde girl, probably twenty years old and just beginning to feel comfortable with her sexuality. It seemed that the parade was something that emboldened all of us.

I skipped over to the railings where she stood, which is not an easy thing to do in inch-high heels, and put my hands on them and leant towards her.

“Hey back, beautiful,” I said, and I leant towards her and gave her a small kiss on the lips. The metal railing was cold against my midriff, but her kips were soft and warm. I’d never kissed a girl before, and I don’t know what made me do it then. It was something about the permissiveness of the parade, and the anonymity of walking amongst all of these wonderful people. I’d never walk up to a guy in the nude and kiss him, but if I was being a lesbian for the afternoon then it seemed fine to do it to a girl. Weird.

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