Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 27th June 2019


While I was at the PR place today Ellie called me over and showed me a photo she’d found. It was from the naked bike ride, at the end of the day, and it was just me sitting around in the nude with Kieran and Ha and Lily all dressed still! There’s not even anything showing that it was from the bike ride so it looks very weird.

Then Ellie asked me what my friends thought about it and I realised she was digging for information, and I was quite happy to provide it. I might have gone too far, but I think she might be a bit like me so I said not to tell anyone else but I said that half the time at home I didn’t get dressed and now they’ve seen me like that so many times nobody cares. That isn’t quite the truth as I think they all care, but nobody complains. She said it must be nice to have close friends you can share something like that with, which is true.

I get the feeling she’d really like to be in my position and now I feel like I have a project to get her on the same track. A year ago I would never believe I’d be where I am now, so with a bit of encouragement she could get there even quicker!

Now I just have to stop worrying about who at the office might find that photo of me in the nude. My only hope is that anyone who does find it is too embarrassed to say why they were looking on that kind of web site in the first place!

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