Tugging At A Bow

Naked woman with a clothed man in a restaurant

“You can pretty much get through a whole story in a flight,” her husband said as she moistened her lips with her tongue. Then, his hand took hold of the loop of fabric that tied around the waist of her skirt. He pulled at it, slowly, but without theatrics. She watched as the bow became smaller and smaller and then suddenly popped out of existence. The skirt drooped but its folds remained in place over her lap, but if she stood it would fall to the floor. What was Malcolm doing to her?

Her mouth had become impossibly dry and she reached, gingerly, for her glass. Malcolm’s eyes jumped towards her chest as the top fell away from her breast and he caught sight of the beautiful, pink nipple that he knew so well, but was seeing in a new light today. As Alison sat back the top fell back into place and just about covered her nipple again.

Malcolm rested his hand on Alison’s knee and took another sip from his glass. He was more aroused than he had been for a long time, but he was trying not to let it show. His wife had allowed him to unzip her top, and to untie her skirt. She was sitting there at his mercy.

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