Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 9th June 2019


I love being naked around so many people! Whether they’re naked or not, it turns out. Maybe I like it more when they’re clothed, but it’s just fun either way.

So yesterday I got to Ha’s at lunchtime and we headed into town, found a spot where we could pick up bikes quickly, and then had lunch. She had a little rucksack to put everything in and my heart was beating so fast I hardly even noticed lunch.

We picked up hire bikes and road to where the ride started. There were already loads of naked people there – mostly men, but some women, and quite a few women topless or with body paint. It was amazing and Ha looked at me and it didn’t take me more than a second to pull my dress off and hand it to her.

It was funny because she’s usually so confident, but I could tell she was really nervous and said something about she thought she’d keep her underwear on. I told her it wasn’t allowed, and I think I made enough of a joke of it that she went along anyway. I held her bike while she got undressed and, I have to say, it’s a lot less dignified getting undressed in the street if you have to fight with underwear.

Once Ha was nude I got fewer guys (and girls) staring at me, because she’s got such a great figure, and she was blushing quite a bit, but I loved it. And then we all set off!

It wasn’t a very long ride and, to be honest, bike saddles and bare bums aren’t really the best combination, which is weird considering that’s all saddles are designed for. But they don’t look that great and the saddle material isn’t all that comfortable.

But the weird thing was that it soon felt really normal to be naked and riding a bike with a load of other naked and semi-naked people! I wish we could do it every day.

We got to the park where it finished and that’s where the party starts, and it’s just full of naked people and photographers and tourists wondering what’s going on. Kieran and Lily came and met us and it wasn’t until I saw Kieran’s eyes land on Ha that I remembered we were both naked! I gave him a look that I hope told him everything he needed to know, but it was one of those times that I was really glad that Ha is a lesbian, because at least that puts her off-limits.

Lily really loved seeing her partner naked too, and they both sat around clothed with me and Ha naked and drank some wine.

The something weird happened and I spotted Ellie, from the PR company, sitting naked about fifty feet away with a couple of other half-naked girls. She saw me and we waved and smiled!

Ha said it was getting cool a bit later and pulled her shorts and top out of her bag and put them back on, which was a bit disappointing (but maybe more so for Kieran) but I had no intention of getting dressed until I had to. There weren’t many people still naked by then, and it was almost all men, and half an hour later I was feeling a bit chilly too. It didn’t help when Ha pointed at my nipples and told me I looked cold! She said we should go back to theirs and get a takeaway.

I said sure, but I needed my dress back, and then she told me that I’d be warm enough like I was if we rode quickly enough! I told her there was no way I was riding if no-one else was naked, but really I was glad when she said I had no choice because she had my dress, and she picked up her bike and pretended to leave. Which meant I had to pick up my bike and pretend to chase her.

We left Kieran and Lily to make their own way and I followed Ha through the streets, really and truly the only one naked! I got a lot of stares, and we never dared stop at a red light unless we had to. (Sorry! I’m not always so bad.) I was giggling like an idiot when we got to Ha’s, and she knew, of course, that once I was inside I wasn’t going to ask for my dress.

Ha got really flirty for a while until Lily and Kieran turned, and it was quite a turn-on, and then we ordered a takeaway and I sat around in the nude. It was lovely.

I finally got my dress back for the journey home, and it was a bit cold by then anyway as it was far too short (and I had nothing underneath). Kieran and I had some great sex, though, and now I think I might have had one of the best weekends ever.

One thought on “Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 9th June 2019

  1. John

    Sexiest part of this story: Of course, you knew from the beginning that Ha would take advantage of the trust you put in her carrying of the rucksack. You could bring your own, but where would be the fun in that?

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