Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 4th June 2019


It’s a gorgeous day today so I wore a little sundress to the startup and I felt almost naked sitting in my chair. I think it was a bit too short, to be honest, and I only had a short jacket to wear on the journey home so my legs were on display for the whole day. I think they went down well with the guys at least.

On the tube on the way home I had to stand and realised that it really lifts my dress up when I hold onto the handrail. I saw a couple of guys look at me and then look away a bit embarrassed, and I’m half ashamed and half proud to say it just encouraged me. I then got so horny imagining that I was totally nude in the middle of them all and had to masturbate when I got home and then spend the evening naked, and masturbate again. I’m going through a particularly high libido phase, it seems!

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