Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 30th May 2019


It was a beautiful day out today so I put on a nice dress (and nothing else, of course) and just enjoyed the stares of men on the tube. Even Ellie at the PR place said it was nice. She was in a white blouse and trousers, but I’m still sure she doesn’t wear a bra. Geoff wasn’t in today, though, so I couldn’t watch to see if they were getting together at all.

Then I had lunch with Jo. We talked about work for a bit, but I had to ask her about dating. She said she’d seen a couple of men, and one of them was okay and she was going on a second date. I said that was great news, but also felt kind of jealous, which is weird. I still have some kind of crush on her. I thought I was too old for that. But I want the best for her anyway.

She asked me about my boyfriend and I felt kind of coy, like I didn’t want her to know about Kieran. I don’t know why.

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