Being Seen Naked


“Hey you two!” A female voice suddenly intruded on us from inside the house. I looked around in time to see Theresa and Georgia stepping out into the garden with two young men in tow. Theresa was the one who’d called out to us. “What have y– woah Rupa! I nearly didn’t recognise you with your clothes off!”

I tried not to blush, but I knew even with my complexion it was noticeable. The two young men trailing them were wide-eyed as they tried to take in both Natasha and my own naked body stretched before them on the sun loungers. I tried to act casual, although perhaps not as convincingly as Natasha did. She glanced over at me, noticing the worried expression on my face.

“Don’t you guys knock or anything?” she asked them. I got the impression that she wasn’t all that happy about being discovered by strangers either.

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