Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 24th May 2019


It was another showery day, but I think my legs look pretty good in boots and a skirt, because the temperature is pretty good. I went and talked to Matthew a bit because his wedding is next month, and I get the feeling he might have a thing for boots too as he kept looking down at them. Men are so easy to read it’s unbelievable.

Ha said she was going to meet Lily and Mel (from the dinner) after work and would I like to come with her. I said sure, because I’m not seeing Kieran until tomorrow, and then when it came to go there were problems on the tube. Ha said we could take a hire bike, which I’ve never done before, and it’s been a long time since I cycled, but she said it was all down cycle lanes and only a mile and a half away so I gave it a go.

Cycling was more fun than I remembered, although there are a lot of really fast people zooming around which is a bit scary. And cycling in a skirt and boots, whilst worrying about not wearing any underwear, is not the best. I made sure I was sat on my skirt so the next person who hired the bike didn’t have to put up with my bare bum having been on the saddle!

Mel gave me a look up and down when she saw me and then I remembered that the only other time we’d met had been at Ha’s and I was naked! I can’t really work out whether she likes me or not, but perhaps she’s just one of those types that it takes a while to get to know. I can relate to that, funnily enough, but I felt like she was studying me again.

I didn’t realise how old she was, though. She’s in her thirties and doesn’t look a day over twenty-five. She used to work as a gym instructor, which I guess explains some of it, and she’s got very dark skin so I guess the English sun doesn’t really age her.

Anyway, we had a nice few hours, and now I’m back late and tired and need to stop writing.

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