Exhibitionist Diary – Wednesday 8th May 2019


I was looking at Amazon at lunchtime and Ha looked over my shoulder and I realised it was showing my “recent purchases” on the bottom of the page! She said something about how she needed to get some more of that tape, and did I know people made whole outfits out of it.

I really didn’t know, so I had a look when I got home. “Outfits” is too strong a word, but I’d never thought about just wrapping a couple of bits around my boobs and calling it a top. Now I’ve looked at the pictures it’s all I can think of, but I don’t think I’d ever be brave enough to wear something like that in public. It’s almost worse than being nude, because you can be nude without it being sexual but it’s hard to have non-sexual bondage!

Ha asked me what I thought of the tape and I had to admit I hadn’t used it yet. She reckoned the handcuffs looked far too flimsy, and it did make me wonder what her and Lily got up to. She said she’d send me some links to some better stuff if I wanted. I said I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted that yet, and then she said maybe she’d just show me next time I was over there. It made me feel all tingly.

And you’ll be pleased to know I’m still keeping up the Pilates too.

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