Beneath The Coat


Susan paid and then stood admiring herself in her new ruby stilettoes. Her shopping day was done and she had everything she needed for tomorrow night, and she’d had some fun too. She tittered inwardly at how easy it was to shop whilst almost completely naked.

She looked around the shop. The clientele were trying on shoes, pacing up and down in them, or were browsing racks, picking and examining semi-randomly. Why was no-one looking at her now? Could they not see how good she looked in her new shoes? Didn’t they know there was a powerful, naked sexual creature underneath this coat?

Of course they didn’t know. A flash of leg or a hint of cleavage might get a passing admiring look, but she wasn’t showing any more skin than many of the other women, and certainly not as much as she had shown an hour ago in the lingerie shop, despite her nakedness beneath the coat.

She looked in the mirror again. Of course they weren’t looking at her, because she was still beige. Her coat was beige, and next to it her skin looked beige. The bright red lipstick, the ruby red shoes and the dark eyeliner had too much to fight against, and they were defeated by the dull coat. If you looked closely you might be able to see a young, sexy woman inside, but you had to decide to look closely in the first place.

Read the rest of the story in Changing Rooms

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