Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 30th April 2019


While I was at the start-up today my Amazon parcel got delivered across the street. It was a distraction knowing I had a pair of handcuffs and some bondage tape waiting for me at home! Although unfortunately I had no-one to use them on.

I went out for a run before work too, and I was feeling pretty frisky after that so picked out a short skirt and calf boots (in case it showered again) and a clingy top. The guys at the start-up appreciated it anyway and I wasn’t short of lunch offers, but I had a lot to do so I just got a sandwich and ate it at the computer.

When I got home no-one was home for me to collect the parcel so I’ll have to wait for it, but it did mean I didn’t have to worry who saw me walking around in the nude before bed time.

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