Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 28th April 2019


The party was fun. I can barely remember anyone I met but lots of them were really nice, and I got plenty of compliments on my dress.

Things got very funny when we got back here. Kieran was more drunk than I’ve seen him before, and I managed to tow him into the front room with his hands all over me. But this dress is really strappy, as I said, and very figure-hugging, and the poor guy just couldn’t coordinate getting into it. He tried to put his hands up the skirt but with the tights went up to my waist and his fingers wouldn’t squeeze that far. He tried to find a zip, but there isn’t one. Even I can only get out of it with some careful peeling and wriggling, and he was far too horny to do anything careful!

So I started distracting him. While he was trying to find a way in, I had his trousers unbuckled and down around his ankles. I stuck my hands in the back of his underwear and pressed him into me and there was no way he was going to concentrate as I squeezed his buttocks. So pushed his underwear down over his bum and his chest puffed out as it hooked on his erection, so I decided to relieve a bit of pressure there, but only enough that the waistband pressed over his shaft. He pretty much let go of me at that point. I don’t think he had control of his limbs.

I put him out of his misery by pushing his underwear down, and then with a finger on his chest and a gentle push he wasn’t able to stop himself falling back onto the sofa. I grabbed the bundle of underwear and trousers and pulled, taking his socks too, and he was sitting there in his shirt with a throbbing hard-on pointing up at me.

I hitched my dress up a little so straddle him and he put his hands on my ankles and we kissed, and that was amazing. His cock was rocking up and down and he couldn’t even try to get me out of this dress now, but I was still able to unbutton his shirt, then pushed it over his shoulders, and it kind of got stuck on his wrists, but he couldn’t do much about it except slump into the sofa.

Then I just played with his body for a while. He’d try to sit up and get me out of the dress again, but all I had to do was stroke his cock and kiss him on the lips and he’d slump back again groaning. Then I’d stop, and he even begged me not to, but it was too much fun having him naked and almost helpless. I mean, he could have pushed me off if he wanted to, even in his drunk state, but then what would he get out of it? It would have taken quite an effort too, since I was sat over his thighs and his hands were pretty much trapped behind his back.

I’m getting pretty good at working out when he’s about to ejaculate now too, and I kept on taking my hands away just as he got near. You should have heard the sounds he made!

We spent at least half an hour like that, and his cock was huge by now. I got the feeling he actually had more endurance when he was drunk too, which made it even better for me.

I finally put him out of his misery and swallowed the lot. It was such a turn-on, feeling his body tense up just before he came, and I squeezed my fingers into his thighs and I thought it might never end. Once he was done I climbed back on top of him and sat there for a while. I hadn’t even taken my heels off, and it was nice having him nude. I just wished men recovered the same as us girls do, because he wasn’t ready for another round by the time we went to bed.

But anyway, possibly the key to getting him naked and staying that way is to make sure he has no choice, because even afterwards he couldn’t untangle his hands from his shirt, and it seemed silly to get dressed just before bed. So I had a nice ten minutes of Kieran padding around in the nude while I brushed my teeth and tried to prolong taking my make-up off in the bathroom.

I’ll have to work out a way to hide his clothes, and anything else he can wear. Plus I spent this afternoon looking up some soft bondage stuff on the internet. There’s a pair of fluffy handcuffs and some bondage tape on the way, and I just have to work out the best time to get Kieran into them.

I don’t know why it took me so long to work out I’m into this sort of thing but I’m glad I have. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

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