Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 23rd April 2019


Today I had a thing for socks. I don’t know why. Maybe because Kieran seems to like socks. Or boots. Or anything where I’m naked in the top half but covered from the feet downwards. If anything that seems weirder than just liking being naked, but I’m the last one to judge!

So I ended up putting on a pair of tiny training socks and wondering what else to wear, and then wishing I didn’t have to wear anything at all, and then masturbating and making myself late for the start-up. But thankfully a group of men will forgive anything that a girl in a short dress and short socks does wrong and they said it was fine. I made up the time anyway.

When I got home I had a socks-only night, although I wasn’t feeling brave enough to leave the curtains open. I message Kieran and said if I told him I was wearing nothing but a pair of socks would he come over but didn’t get a reply, so I had to sort myself out. Masturbating twice in one day is a bit much, even for me!

One thought on “Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 23rd April 2019

  1. John

    Love the socks only imagery. It’s super cute! If Kieran came over, would you let him take the socks off in order to kiss your toes, or would you tease him with their inaccessibility?

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