Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 22nd April 2019


I need to buy some more clothes. Everything I have is all wintery, and it’s getting warmer week by week.

I had a meeting with Jo and Rachel this morning about all the new clients. But for the parts you might care about: am I supposed to dress conservatively now I’m the boss? I’m not sure I’m willing to make that sacrifice, to be honest. Today I had a top with a scoop neck and I can tell from the look of the guy who was looming over me on the tube that you can see quite far down it from above! Although I had trousers on. (What is it coming to that wearing trousers seems odd?)

I felt in need of inspiration when I got home so ended up reading some stories and blogs about women getting naked in all kinds of public situations. I know it’s all fiction and quite silly, but I like the fantasy. The biggest problem is that you know all your friends will think less of you if they know you like being naked, and then you also don’t know whether strangers will behave respectfully with a naked woman in their midst. Maybe fiction is the only place it all works, outside of some very small circles. I’m lucky that I’ve had the experience with Kieran, Ha and Lily. Oh, and Kieran’s flatmate Ben too. So far it’s worked out very well.

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