Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 21st April 2019


The weekend has kept getting better! Firstly, I’m on a new record of well over thirty-six hours without putting a stitch of clothing on, unless you count drying myself with a towel.

But this morning I woke up and Kieran was snoring. It wasn’t that early so I got up and went to the kitchen and made myself some tea. There was still no sign of Kieran so I was rummaging through cupboards for some muesli and then I heard him behind me so I said “Shall I make you some tea?” and he said “Err, sure?” except it wasn’t quite right. So I turned around and the person I was talking to was wasn’t Kieran, and I was standing there naked in front of him.

He said he was Kieran’s flatmate, and I said I thought you weren’t back until later. And he looked me up and down and said “I guessed. I told Kieran I’d be back Sunday. I flew in last night, but couldn’t sleep much.” It turns out he’d been in Bangalore (he’s a computer programmer) and the time difference had messed up his sleep patterns. Oh, and his name is Ben. We shook hands while I stood there naked.

Anyway,  I put my arm over my chest and said I’d better get dressed, and he shrugged and sat down and said “It’s a bit late now,” so I thought “what the hey”, because I know he’s got a long-term girlfriend, and decided that since he’d seen it all, and I kind of liked it, I might as well just sit down too.

He’s nice anyway, and he stared at my breasts just the right amount, if that makes any sense. Enough to make me think he wanted to touch them, but not so much that I thought he would. That alone made me like him.

Then Kieran came in, and was mildly freaked out by seeing his flat-mate (Andrew) talking to his nude girlfriend (that’s me). Then Andrew seemed a bit uncomfortable, mentioned his girlfriend about a million times and went back to his room. Then I climbed on top of Kieran and we had amaze-balls sex in the kitchen.

I said goodbye to Ben on the way out and said I’d make sure to bring more clothes next time. He said “please don’t” and smiled and my stomach churned a bit because he’s just so nice, and so not-single, and also a bit handsome, and just the perfect person to be naked for because he’d never touch me or do anything without an invite. I’m looking forward to spending more time with Ben and I hope I’m not wearing anything for most of it.

I’m disappointed to be home now, and having to end my nude-streak record by clothes on for the journey home. I’m sitting here now with just a shawl around me and wishing there was someone around to stare.

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