Which Hero Would Like You Naked?


“Who would you rather have here now, since you’re naked. Tony Stark or Bruce Banner?”

I smiled and lay myself back on the lounger, one arm behind my head and with my legs crossed at the ankle. My breasts fell outwards as I lay there, but I didn’t care because Natasha didn’t. Natasha was right about how much cooler it felt. The air was warm, but it was much more comfortable than being wrapped in the bathrobe.

“Bruce Banner every time,” I said.

“Good choice. Bruce Banner, but not David Banner, of course.” We both laughed.

“Yeah. Bill Bixby’s not my type at all.”

The conversation continued this way as we whittled our way through male superhero and fantasy figures. It was about as geek girly as I could ever imagine being, and somehow being naked just made it more fun. I wondered if Natasha was getting as turned on as I was by these fantasies.

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