Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 16th April 2019


Today started strangely because I opened the curtains and looked across the road to see the woman who lived there (who took the parcel) standing naked at a set of drawers wondering what to wear! She seemed to look up and I pretended not to have seen her, but she just carried on. For some reason I was the one who was embarrassed and went back to the kitchen! Maybe that’s why I never see them when I’m prancing about in the nude.

I wore a skirt, socks and a light sweater to the start-up, and then noticed in the bathroom that if you peered really closely you could just about see my nipples through the weave. Some of the guys had glanced in that direction, but I’m not sure if they were confident enough to peer quite closely enough.

It reminded me that I’ve got some knitted sweaters in the cupboard that really are see-through because of the patterning, so I’ll try one of those sometime. I think I’d need a bra, unfortunately.

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