Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 14th April 2019


What a night! We turned up at Ha and Lily’s place and I was barely through the door when I had a glass of wine in my hand. And straight away Ha was intimating that I was overdressed, even though they were both wearing nice dresses that covered a lot more (because I’d picked something on the short side, with thin shoulder straps and no sleeves).

So I was standing there talking to Kieran and Lily with Ha beside me, when she put her glass down, put one hand on my shoulder and began to slide the zip down at the back of my dress! I said something like “what do you think you’re doing?” and she said “Oh, you know you want me to,” and, of course, I didn’t stop her, so I put my glass on the table and she brushed the straps off of my shoulders and my dress fell to the floor. We’d only been there half an hour and I was already standing in nothing but my little heels, with Kieran gawping at me, as if he hadn’t already seen my body close up enough today.

I stepped out of the dress and Ha picked it up and hung it up somewhere, and we went on chatting. I could feel my face going red, because not only was I far too sober for that, but I felt so much more exposed standing with them than when I was curled up on the sofa the other week. And it didn’t help when Kieran put his arm around my waist and I could feel his shirt on my skin. I wanted to nip upstairs with him and he could show me how good he was with his tongue again. (I hadn’t been treated to that this weekend. Yet, I hoped.)

I even ended up sitting and eating in the nude, and it became almost disappointingly normal! Almost. Kieran’s hand on my thigh from time-to-time reminded me of how exposed I was, and I touched my skin with my wine glass a few times and the coolness gave me a start.

Ha had made Vietnamese food and at some point I spilled some soy sauce on my boob. They all watched as I ran my finger over it to scoop it up and then licked it, and Kieran said he’d have licked it off for me. I said “I bet you would” and then told them how you saved loads on dry cleaning bills if you just didn’t wear any clothes, so they should all just get naked. Ha looked at Kieran and I almost thought she might be tempted if he wasn’t there, but he misinterpreted it and said “I will if you will” and Ha just said “please, don’t”, which kind of burst his bubble.

After that… nothing really special happened. It was just like I would expect it to be, sitting around there after dinner, except I was naked. I’d kicked my shoes off and was curled up on the sofa, and felt a bit better about having my knees up around me, and we just chatted. It was more of a thrill being naked in someone else’s house, but I was quite comfortable with it. Nobody even mentioned anything about me being nude, but sometimes I’d catch one of them (any of them) looking and my stomach would flip a little.

Ha said it was a shame I had to go home, but she held out my coat for me and I put it on and stuffed my dress in my bag and we caught a cab. I was all over Kieran as soon as we reached my place… but you could have guessed that already.

This morning had a blip, though: our first argument. It was silly, of course, because he got a text message and said it was from Ha and I had a go at him for all the things he tells her and how come I was sitting here naked and he was spending time writing messages to another woman. You can guess how it went anyway, and I ended up sulking off for a while and putting on a big sweater. The make-up sex was pretty amazing, though, and almost worth the argument.

I kicked him out mid-morning anyway because I had to see my mum, and she asked me why I was blushing when I read a message that Ha had sent me that I hadn’t seen. She said I had to come round there naked more often because her and Lily had had the best sex for ages last night. I told my mum it was nothing but she knew something was up, but there’s no way she would have ever guessed the real reason.

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