Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 12th April 2019


I’m meeting Kieran after work so this is being written at lunchtime. I would have gone out with the girls but I’ve got far too much to do, now that I’m important and everything (I wish).

It was difficult to work out what to wear today. It was raining, and I’m seeing Kieran tonight, but I’m in the office so I have to be a bit more conservative than I’d like. I went for calf boots and a dress, because I don’t wear enough dresses in the office. Both Helen and Jo said I looked nice, so I count it as a success. I had a cardigan over the top, but it’s still warm at my desk so that was ditched. To warm up for Kieran I’ve been flirting with Matthew a bit, even asking him how his wedding planning is going.

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