Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 7th April 2019


Saturday’s visit started if with an unexpected treat. Kieran was due over, so just as I said I’d do I’d stripped off ready. I opened the door wide to let him in… but it wasn’t Kieran! It was an Amazon delivery guy with something for next door, and you should have seen the look on his face. I hid behind the door but took the parcel anyway, and then giggled myself sick in the hallway. It was a lot of fun, and I think I put this down as the first stranger to see me naked! If he counts as a stranger, because I’ve seen him before. But I don’t know his name or anything.

I didn’t tell Kieran about it because although I think I’d like it if he was a bit jealous he might think it was a bit weird. (I guess it is a bit weird, but I’m starting not to care.)

Well of course we had sex pretty soon after he came in, and that meant I was free to stay naked without him bothering me for the rest of the evening while we made dinner and ate, and it was almost like it was normal for me to be in the nude while we just lived together like a regular couple.

Sometime the next morning Kieran asked me if I realised that since he’d gotten here yesterday I hadn’t worn a single thing the whole time, and it made me giggle and I was a bit embarrassed. I said I thought he liked it, and he said he did, but only if I liked it. I said I liked it a lot and didn’t I say to him that I’d stay naked the whole time if he wanted me to. He said that would be great but it might be awkward if friends came over, unless they were Ha and Lily, and I slapped him on the arm but said I’m sure other friends would appreciate it too. He said he had lots of friends who would but he wasn’t sure he’d trust them with me. It made me really hot and we started to have sex in the front room again.

At some point he looked up and said “uh-oh, I think the neighbours can see us” and rolled off me and onto his, but there was no way I was stopping there so I rolled on top of him and I know for a fact they could see me, boobs flapping around as I rocked back and forth! It’s amazing the things you can do when you’re turned on, because as soon as we finished I was as embarrassed as anything and just lay on his chest listening to his breathing slowing again. I don’t know if the neighbours carried on watching because I couldn’t see them as I came, but just the thought that they might be peeking, hidden out of sight, made it more intense.

We made dinner again and I finally waved Kieran out of the door in the evening, still naked, and this time a woman definitely appeared at the window opposite and saw me standing there in the light! I looked right into their eyes and then blew a kiss to Kieran as he closed the gate. They probably think there’s something really dodgy going on here. Maybe there is.

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