Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 5th April 2019


After work I stayed behind a bit to fix the mess I’d made of the PR company yesterday and then tried to ask Jo out for a drink with some of the other girls. She said no, but we left the office together, then on the way out she said “Actually, I do need that drink” and we went into this crappy pub near the office. (Which wasn’t where everyone else was.)

She was trying so hard not to cry, but she said she was really sorry for not being better to me this week but she hadn’t realised that it was only the pills that had made her feel better and now the doctor wouldn’t give her any more. I didn’t know what to say, because I didn’t want to see her sad, but having to rely on the pills sounded bad too. I put my hand on hers and a tear ran down her cheek, and then she said she had to get home and left with half her drink sitting there.

I didn’t feel like meeting up with everyone else after that and once I got home I sent her a message to say if she did want to talk some more, or just hang out with someone that wasn’t part of her past life, then I’d be there. It was quite a different message to the flirting the other night, and then I cried a bit too. I think I’d punch her ex if I saw him. Or maybe kick him in the balls. Hard.

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