Exhibitionist Diary – Wednesday 27th March 2019


I told Jo about being invited to the party and she said I should ask Brian if I should go because he was my boss, which I’d almost forgotten about. Brian said it sounded great and I had to make a good impression if I met potential clients. I’d forgotten that I’d have to be on best behaviour, so perhaps my usual half-naked look won’t be quite right.

Jo sent me a few dating site candidates again today, but none of them were serious. She’s going through a kind of gallows humour stage saying that all she has to look forward to is a dumpy man in a suit. I couldn’t resist sending her some lesbian dating website in return, and then she sent me a couple of the girls on there! I was expecting more stereotypes, actually, but some of them looked quite nice. And at least they were looking for women their same age, not trying to hook up with schoolgirls in an effort to make themselves feel young again. (Honestly, those profiles really annoyed me!)

More Sexy Than Naked


“It’s the shoes that really do it for you.” Natasha filled in the silence where I was searching for a way to change the subject. “Those dainty strappy little heels, they’re just totally sexy and glam at the same time, and your feet are gorgeous.”

I looked down at my feet and shoes. I did have nice feet, and the thin stilettos did set my legs off nicely.

“That’s why I stay barefoot as well,” Natasha continued, “Can you imagine what I’d look like in those heels? The boys would think I was begging for it.”

Natasha had a point. Somehow, she was just naked, or nude, or whatever she might want to call it, but it wasn’t like a stripper was nude. She was sexual, but not just sexual. It’s hard to explain, but somehow sexuality wasn’t what defined her nakedness.

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Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 26th March 2019


I had the strangest (and most embarrassing) dream. I was at Jo’s place having dinner with Ha and Lily and… you guessed it, I was sitting there at the table completely naked. Jo put her hand on my thigh while we were talking and it made my skin tingle. And then there was a knock at the door and Rachel came in, and I was embarrassed about being naked but, of course, had nothing to wear at all. And as we stood around with wine glasses in our hands and I felt more and more silly Jo said she had an announcement to make and that her and Rachel were getting married! They kissed and I felt so jealous but had to smile anyway, but Ha said not to worry, she would look after me, and she put her hand on my breast and squeezed it and it turned me on so much I woke up. You can guess what happened next, before I went back to sleep.

I was still horny when I went to the start-up today, but I wanted Kieran to be the first one to see my new boots. But it was really warm and felt like proper Spring, so I ditched the boots for the first time for ages and wore little heeled shoes and socks and a skirt that felt quite short with bare legs, even though it wasn’t as short as some of the others I’d worn. And I had one of my new clingy tops and a coat. The boys liked it and kept staring at my legs all day, and I kept getting turned on when I remembered my dream and when I looked down my nipples were as clear as anything outlined in the top. I don’t think they got much work done, but I did get invited to their office party this Friday. I think I’ll go.

Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 25th March 2019


I got an e-mail from Jo this morning thanking me again. I said she didn’t need to, but I’m glad if it helped at all. She said she reckons she needs to get “back in the game” as quickly as possible so what dating sites did I recommend! I have no idea about that kind of thing but I asked Helen and she sent me a few, and then said: didn’t I have a boyfriend already? I said it wasn’t for me, but I didn’t tell her it was for Jo. I kind of feel like I have a secret that Jo’s trusted me with that I can’t just go sharing around.

Jo’s office door was open today so I popped in to talk about Rachel’s work and got roped into deciding whether she should swipe left or right on a whole load of men. I think she’s only in her late thirties but all the men who were looking for a woman of that ages looked really old. It was quite sad and none of them made the grade in my opinion. She made a joke about becoming a lesbian and off-hand I said something about Ha being the expert and her eyebrows shot off the top of her head. It hadn’t occurred to me that she hadn’t noticed! But then neither had I until I saw her kissing Lily. I said I’d caused enough trouble and had better leave and she said she’d mine me for more office gossip sometime.

I really like Jo. No man is good enough for her.

Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 24th March 2019


I went Sunday shopping and bought some long boots… and I mean long. Just above the knee. They’re in emerald green suede. Kieran’s going to go wild for these when he sees me in them, especially if they’re the only thing I’m wearing. The sun was out so I got a couple of nice thin stretchy tops too, and then spent the evening flirting with Kieran by text and making sure he hadn’t misbehaved on his stag do. He said he didn’t feel too well, and I said I knew what he meant because I was like that on Saturday morning and I led him on for ages before telling him it was just a night out with the work girls.

Ignoring The Dress Code


Selena dropped her bra beside her and put her hands by her sides. Then, she lifted herself in her seat, and Iris realised what was happening as she rocked forwards and then sat back up twirling a small piece of black lace around her finger. She tossed it onto the rest of her clothes.

Iris leaned to one side to look up and down the full length of her friend’s naked body. Selena sat back in her chair, picked up her wine glass and stared back at Iris. She wasn’t even making an effort to cover her breasts.

Iris looked around the room again. Every head was turned towards them, staring at Selena. She looked back at her friend who seemed entirely unconcerned by the attention she was getting. If anything, she was sitting straighter than before, her chest pushed out a little.

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