Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 31st March 2019


That was even more exciting than I had hoped! I was already feeling like the sexiest woman in the world when I turned up at the bar, because these boots feel amazing, and I walked the whole way wondering if anyone could guess I had virtually nothing on. I’d never have dared if I wasn’t meeting Kieran, and if I’d had more than a five minute walk.

Anyway, we were sat at the back of a bar and Kieran didn’t seem to have any idea I wasn’t wearing anything under the coat, but we were out of sight so at some point I turned towards him, and away from everyone else, and undid one of the buttons and let the lapel fall open a bit. With the amount of cleavage I was showing he guessed there and then that I didn’t have a top on, so I just left it like that, and he kept staring and fidgeting because I think his trousers were getting a bit tight. (I hope they were.)

At some point he put his hand on my thigh and moved it up under my coat, and he kept on going and staring at me as if he couldn’t believe it, because he reached my hip and there was still nothing there. So I couldn’t resist popping open a couple of buttons and giving him a flash of a boob and one side of my body, before collapsing in giggles and having to do the coat back up again.

We left pretty soon afterwards and then when we got home I didn’t give him the chance to jump on me in the hallway as I walked straight to the kitchen, dropped my coat on the way and took a bottle of wine out of the fridge with nothing but the green suede boots on. I think there was someone in the room opposite as I walked through the dining room but I didn’t care who saw me. (Actually, that’s not quite true: I wanted them to.)

I made it as far as the sofa in the front room before Kieran sat beside me, and I was disappointed when he drew the curtains because I knew the couple opposite were home. But there’s one thing I can say: these boots really turned him on! It might be too much detail, but I’ve never felt a man’s tongue between my legs before, and I think it might be the best thing ever. He had his arms wrapped around my boots and I couldn’t have gotten away if I wanted to, and there was no way I wanted to. I came in about a minute, and then we had “regular” sex (or as regular as it gets when you’re wearing thigh boots), and that was almost as amazing.

I’m going to wear these boots a lot more if that’s the reaction I get.

Then on Sunday I got as far as wearing a towel at one point, before Kieran’s arms around me had pushed it out of the way and I was naked again, and that’s how we spent the morning. I quite like it when we’ve got the sex bit out of the way because I like watching his libido coming back again as I sit around in the nude. So finally we had sex again, for the second time that morning, before I waved him out of the door, and he said he never thought he’d be able to leave a house with a beautiful naked woman but he really had to get home. I was wondering if I was in love before, but now I think this is it for sure.

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