Exhibitionist Diary – Wednesday 27th March 2019


I told Jo about being invited to the party and she said I should ask Brian if I should go because he was my boss, which I’d almost forgotten about. Brian said it sounded great and I had to make a good impression if I met potential clients. I’d forgotten that I’d have to be on best behaviour, so perhaps my usual half-naked look won’t be quite right.

Jo sent me a few dating site candidates again today, but none of them were serious. She’s going through a kind of gallows humour stage saying that all she has to look forward to is a dumpy man in a suit. I couldn’t resist sending her some lesbian dating website in return, and then she sent me a couple of the girls on there! I was expecting more stereotypes, actually, but some of them looked quite nice. And at least they were looking for women their same age, not trying to hook up with schoolgirls in an effort to make themselves feel young again. (Honestly, those profiles really annoyed me!)

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