Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 16th March 2019


I’m just sneaking this in while Kieran is in the shower… But anyway, my plans didn’t quite go as, erm, planned. It was still fun, just not quite what I’d hoped.

So I got to Kieran’s and we were wrapped around each other as soon as we got in the hallway, and I said that since I was naked in my flat all the time, and now we were in his flat I think it was his turn. And I wouldn’t let him take anything off me while I undid his shirt buttons, and then his trousers and everything else. And he was as rock hard as I’ve ever seen him and I could feel his cock throbbing against my stomach, even through my blouse.

But I had this idea of teasing him and keeping him naked for as long as possible, but it was pretty obvious that I wasn’t going to get any further into the flat while he was like that. And of course I was wearing a short skirt and those long socks I know he likes and of course spontaneous sex is so much easier then, if you’re not wearing underwear. I call it sex, but it lasted about thirty seconds for me, and was distinctly unsatisfying. He said sorry, but then it was obvious he was so embarrassed about being naked that he started getting dressed again. That kind of ruined the plan.

At least it’s a differently hallway to have sex in, I suppose, but I guess turning the tables isn’t something that’s going to work out. Plus now that he’d “had his way” he wasn’t interested in stripping me out of my work clothes for another couple of hours either.

We had a nice evening together, but it wasn’t as much fun as sometimes.

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