Exhibitionist Diary – Wednesday 13th March 2019


It’s freezing today. Why does March do that? I hadn’t been out for a run since the end of last week (so: yes, I’m still doing that), so I went out this morning, forgetting I had Pilates this evening. I kept getting cramp near the end, which the teacher found more funny than I think she should!

I kept watching out for Jo again today but she didn’t leave her office and I spent more time with Rachel, showing her how things worked and answering questions. Brian came by to check I was okay with “managing” her (and I didn’t even realise I was) and I said sure, as if I was some kind of super-boss or something.

I got an e-mail from Kieran today as his flatmate is away this weekend so I’m going over on Friday night to stay the weekend. I can’t wait.

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