More ENF Please


I’m feeling very good inside about seeing a recommendation on the blog of fellow ENF author A.D. Rowen.

Kara Bryn is, like me, a British writer of erotica. She writes that she likes her characters “to come out of my stories with fewer clothes than they went in with”. She does some CFNM (Clothed Female/Nude Male) which isn’t my bag, but the majority of her stuff is CFNF, ENF (Embarrassed Nude Female), and some brilliant ‘Only One Naked’ scenarios. As well as her books on Amazon, she has a website with exclusive stories and an on-going series (written in the form of a blog) about a woman tentatively discovering exhibitionism.

Works of hers that might appeal to my readers are mostly her collections Just ENF and Naked Women in Shorts. Fan’s of my character Becky’s nonchalant attitude towards being naked in the company of clothed people will especially love Dressed In Tattoos from the latter compendium.

A.D. Rowen has three ENF books published (to-date), so to get a mention from someone with such a good reputation is pretty amazing. And if you like my ENF books, then I can recommend starting with Best Friends With A Naked Girl, and then moving onto the sequel Love Life of a Naked Girl.

Mr A (as I shall call him) also recommended a few more authors, some of which I’ve read and some I’ll be seeking out:

Go and read the full post and all the reasons for seeking these people out here, and support a fellow author by buying one of his books here.

Best Friends with a Naked Girl by [Rowen, A D]

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