Exhibitionist Diary – Friday March 8th 2019


It was strange in the office today. Jo came in and went to her office without saying hello, and she’s usually so cheerful, and you could just tell something was up. I went and asked her if she wanted to come out for lunch, mainly because I was fishing for information, and she looked really tired but said thanks but she had a lot to do and she’d get a sandwich. Then in the afternoon she went and had a meeting with Brian and they closed the office door (which they almost never do unless they’re about to fire someone really) and after that she went back to her office, but within five minutes she had left the office.

It prompted a bit of e-mail gossip amongst the girls but nobody knew anything. Ha nominated me to find out what was going on since she said (on an open e-mail!) that I knew her best as I’d slept with her! That derailed the conversation somewhat…

I hope she hasn’t resigned or been fired or something. I’m sure they’d tell us. It put a dampener on the whole day anyway.

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