Exhibitionist Diary – Monday March 4th 2019


I think I may have been spending too much time naked (if such a thing is possible). Last night I dreamt I was in the office, completely in the buff with everyone else dressed like normal, and Jo asked me to come to a meeting with her. I sort of wanted to cover up but I didn’t even have anything with me so I followed her, and we ended outside of the building and meeting some people in a café. I was feeling more and more uncomfortable and pretending it was fine that I was nude but people were staring at me all the time. It wasn’t even that I was getting turned on by the experience, I was just embarrassed, but still somehow carrying on.

Then when I got to the office Jo really did ask me to go to a meeting! At least I’d remembered to get dressed, although I’m not sure I’d have chosen such a low-cut top without knowing who I was meeting. Luckily it was a couple of middle-aged men who kept glancing at my chest and then looking away again. Then at some point I started getting turned on as I remembered the dream so as soon as I got home I stripped off and… well, you can probably guess. Where’s Kieran when I need him?

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