Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday March 3rd 2019


Talking about pushing the boundaries! We had dinner, with lots of flirting and peering down my blouse, and then we went to a bar not far from my place for a drink and found a little booth in the corner. When I sat down Kieran noticed the stockings, as I think he thought they were tights before, and almost drooled onto the table. He said something about not being able to wait to watch me take those off later, and I jokingly said “why wait for later?” and he said I wouldn’t dare.

Well, it turns out that I’m surprisingly brave when I’m a little bit drunk, because I slipped my foot out of my shoe, hooked my thumbs into my stockings and carefully (very carefully) slipped it down my leg, and I made sure he watched as I rolled it off my foot. I tucked it into his coat pocket and told him he’d have to look after it, before doing the same with the other leg.

It felt like the first time for ages that I’ve sat around with bare legs, I guess because of the weather, and last year I wouldn’t have dared to be this bare anyway. (I mean: apart from the skirt, I had nothing from the waist down!) Kieran put his hand on my thigh and I really have to do that more often.

Kieran said he couldn’t wait to get home so I could take the rest off, so I said we could leave after I went to the bathroom. So I took my coat with me, went into a cubicle, and stripped out of the skirt and blouse and put the coat back on. It was a long coat, but it felt amazing to have nothing underneath.

It felt like everyone was staring at me as I walked back to the booth with my clothes tucked under my arm, and he took a moment to work out what was going on when I handed them to him and said he’d have to carry them because I needed to hold my coat tight. And then he asked, and then I had to tell him that yes, I was wearing nothing underneath, and I couldn’t stop giggling and he pretended to pull at the lapel to peer at my chest and I told him he’d have to wait until we got home.

I’ve never felt as sexy as I did on that walk home, knowing that nothing was going to go wrong because I was with Kieran and only he knew how little I was wearing.

Sex in the hallway is pretty much a staple of our arrival at my place now, and I was out of the coat and naked on the floor before the light had even warmed up. Although as before, the sex is just a bit too quick. I’m going to have to work out how to get Kieran to slow things down, but I guess he’s just a virile young man and can’t help himself! And anyway, once it’s done I just stayed naked and made us some tea and we sat around as he stroked my bare skin and I felt like I was in heaven already.

I didn’t even make an excuse for not getting dressed in the morning, and Kieran didn’t say anything. But I caught him looking at me a lot and it made me feel so good.

And then I suggested we go out for a walk, since it was a nice day, and he said did that mean I had to get dressed, and I said not necessarily, and I put on some shoes and my long coat and I could almost hear his heart pounding as we left the apartment and walked to the park.

To tell you the truth, it wasn’t really warm enough for it, and when he noticed me shivering we went back home and had sex (in the hallway (again)).

Eventually he had to leave and we kissed goodbye in the hallway, with me still naked, and I hope none of the neighbours saw as I opened the door and waved him out.

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