Reliving Youthful Fantasies

Couple sat at a cafe table

The night was warm so Alison felt comfortable with the amount of bare skin she had exposed, but it was very unusual for her to feel the air on her stomach, let alone feeling it between her legs. Malcolm felt like the luckiest man alive, walking the streets with his beautiful wife beside him. He was as sure as he could be that Alison’s writing reflected her desires: he would never have imagined she would be happy to go out dressed so minimally nowadays, and especially with nothing on underneath. He hoped that it was arousing her as much as it was him.

They found a small restaurant and sat and ate dinner. Alison’s eyes sparkled as she relaxed, and occasionally Malcolm would reach under the table and put a hand on her knee, and then he would slide it up her thigh. Her skin was soft and yielding. He couldn’t reach quite as high as she would like, but the thought of how close he was to touching her so intimately was a turn-on for both of them.

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