Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 26th February 2019


One of the things that’s so great about the start-up is their office is even warmer than ours. I wore a short-ish skirt today but didn’t feel like wearing tights, and it was a bit warmer outside too. But not so warm that when I came back from lunch that I didn’t get a couple of stares at my nipples pressing against the inside of my clingy top. The old me would have crossed her arms over her chest to try and hide it, but the new me braved it out. And I know everyone there is quite nice and wouldn’t try anything, which helps a lot.

I was really tempted to even ditch the skirt and top for the journey home and just wear my coat, but I wasn’t brave enough. I sort of regret it now because it was warm enough out and nobody would have known.

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