Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 24th February 2019


You’ll be pleased to know my plan worked! I had my cardigan half unbuttoned while we sat in a restaurant and I know whenever I leant forwards he could see the outline of my nipples through my shirt. I kept rearranging it every time the waiter came back and Kieran said something about me fiddling with my clothes all the time, and by then I’d had a glass of wine so I took the cardie off and draped it over the back of my chair. You should have seen Kieran’s eyes pop as he stared at me! I must have had the widest grin and he put his hand under the table and on my thigh. I just wished he could have reached higher as I might have orgasmed before we even got to the main course.

And then it was even more fun when the waiter noticed, and then tried really hard not to stare. I can’t believe these two little round things on the ends of my breasts can have so much power over a man’s mind! And it’s not like they don’t have nipples of their own. I don’t really get it, but I’m glad it happens.

Kieran couldn’t keep his hands off me any time we were close enough together, and I’d barely shut the door before we were wrapped around each other in the hallway. Although disappointing he didn’t even get as far as taking anything off before we’d had all-too-brief intercourse and I was sprawled on the floor with my blouse half undone, my skirt hitched up around my waist and still in my long socks and shoes. It was kind of fun, but I didn’t feel we’d gotten past foreplay. Maybe I made him a bit too horny over the course of the day.

He made up for it later, though, as I told him I was too tired to get undressed so he’d have to do it. He took ages over it, and I don’t think there was an inch of my body he didn’t kiss in the process as I stood there, getting more and more naked while he was still fully dressed. This time it was my turn to climax quicker than he was ready for, but by the time we actually made it to bed I was ready again, and he most certainly was.

So of course we had sex again in the morning and afterwards I said I suppose we had better get dressed, and he said he’d prefer if I didn’t. So I said okay! His eyes were on stalks as I left the room and went to the kitchen, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t expect me to still be naked and making him breakfast when he came into the kitchen having already gotten dressed himself.

I think I could happily live like that forever, just staying naked with Kieran and having sex whenever we wanted to. It was a heavenly weekend.

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