Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 23rd February 2019


An early entry as I’m seeing Kieran later so may not have time to write. We’re going to a gallery and then out for dinner and I want to spend the day getting him so horny that he can’t wait to tear my clothes off as soon as we get through the door.

It’s a bit of a problem when it’s cold outside, but I’ve found a black blouse which is more see-through then I realised when I bought it (and that’s why it’s been in the wardrobe all this time…) and a cardigan to go over it. Hopefully with no bra underneath he’ll be able to see just enough of me to distract him while nobody else gets a peek! And I have one of my shortest skirts and long socks, and will just have to suffer the little bit of a chill where they don’t quite meet. Oh, and a long coat for when we’re outside, which I hope stops the draught “up there” because there’s no way this girl’s wearing underwear tonight!

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