Mischievous Nymphs

Naked woman in a bar with clothed women

She looked around the room, puzzled at the lack of attention. Part of it was disappointment, but partly she was grateful that she was able to do such a thing without any fear. She didn’t know what had overcome her, but she was glad it had.

“Is it done?” Helena asked. Was Lucia now free of the last restraining vestiges of her nymph spirit?

Pareia shook her head. “Not quite,” she said, and she placed her fingers on the naked girl’s arm.

Lucia turned around suddenly and looked up at Pareia. Did she know the dark, beautiful woman who was standing beside her? She looked familiar. She turned around and saw Helena standing on the other side. She couldn’t quite place who she was… The evening had gone in such a daze.

“Having fun?” Pareia asked with a smile. Lucia grinned and nodded.

Helena looked around the room and suddenly noticed that heads were turning in their direction. People were pointing at the beautiful, naked woman at the end of the bar, pointing and wondering: how did we not notice her before?

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