Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 17th February 2019


What a night! What a day!

Basically as soon as Kieran came through the door we had sex in the hallway right there and then. It’s amazing to think it took so long and now we can’t keep our hands off each other. I didn’t put my underwear back on (and made sure Kieran noticed) but just slipped my dress over my head.

We cooked dinner together and, to cut a long story short, afterwards I ended up sitting across Kieran’s lap at the dining table with his hands on my thighs, and it seemed to take an age for him to get the hint and lift my dress over my head. I was naked and he was still fully dressed and we just ended up kissing for ages, and then he put his hand between my legs and… oh my… At some point he stopped and asked if the neighbours could see through the blinds, and I said I didn’t care. Actually I hoped they could. I came pretty quickly after that.

So we moved to the sitting room and I curled up in his lap, still naked, and he stroked my body and I kept teasing him but every time I thought: right, that’s it, time to see how big he’s gotten in those trousers, he’d start kissing and fingering me again and I’d have another orgasm. I think that happened at least three times until eventually I had to squeeze myself between his legs, unzip his trousers and as I knelt there with his thighs pressed against my shoulders I realised that a blow job could actually be quite good fun. The last time I’d tried I hadn’t really enjoyed it, but there was something about being naked even while he was clothed yet I was the one in charge. I’m pretty sure he liked it 🙂

Anyway, Sunday morning we both had showers and he got dressed and I was still in my dressing gown, but it didn’t take long for him to get the hint and I was soon out of that and sitting naked on his lap. He made my day when he said Ha was right about me having a great body! And that if it was up to him I’d be naked all the time. I said I’d be naked for him any time he wanted, and I hope he realised how much I meant it!

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