Hands All Over Me

Naked woman groped by two clothed women


The four girls around Christina laughed: they laughed because it was pretty clear that Christina was very turned on right now. But she was too busy focussing on controlling her arousal to hear what was being said.

“What was it you said your boyfriend did after he’d stripped you naked, Christina?” Judith asked her, not expecting a reply, “Oh, yes, I remember. You said all he did was to touch your breast gently.” She paused for a second. “Like this?”

Christina felt the back of Judith’s hand rub against her breast, close to her nipple. She let out a small whimper and her body tensed. Then Elaine’s hand touched her other breast, and Karen and Annabel’s hands stroked the top of her thigh.

She could control herself no longer and her orgasm came, as muted and suppressed as she could manage, in a series of small pants and shudders. Her chest rose and fell quickly and her fingers dug into the sofa in a vain effort to stop her body from rocking back and forth.

She wanted it to stop, this strange experience of sitting naked, her four friends around her, and this small but uncontrollable orgasm that she knew she would feel shame for when it had finished. But they were barely touching her, and more than anything she wished one of them, any of them, would slide their hand up her thigh, between her legs, or even just to caress her nipple, to give her the final push over the edge which would trigger a more explosive orgasm than this small, quivering release of tension had provided.

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