Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 12th February 2019


It was much warmer today (for February at least) so I went back to wearing a blouse and trousers. I think I’ve just about reached the limit of the number of buttons I can leave undone when I’m at the start-up and not end up flashing nipples at everyone!

And then I’d forgotten I was meeting Susan (the old work colleague I’d bumped into on Saturday) after work so I ended up sitting at a bar with her and I’m pretty sure she knew I didn’t have a bra on underneath. Men are pretty bad are spotting these things but women rarely are! I think it wouldn’t have been such a big deal except it wasn’t like the Kate that she thought she knew.

Anyway, I was feeling suddenly much more confident about my new self so I told her about Kieran. It’s not like she knows any of my other friends. She reckoned I’d just have to make the first move myself and stick my hand down his trousers or just strip off the first time we ended up somewhere private together. I know which of those two I feel more like doing, funnily enough…

I had a message from Kieran when I got home checking that I could still make Thursday. I said I thought my diary was clear but maybe something more important might come up. I hope he read it as the joke it was meant to be.

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