Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 10th February 2019


I can’t work Kieran out at all!

10th February 2019

Why can’t he flirt like that in person?

Anyway, I went over to his and decided to pull out a few stops and wear the short skirt and long socks that the start-up place liked so much.

The sculpture place was weird, and then we went for coffee and a bit of cake and I wanted to tell Kieran I wasn’t wearing any underwear. He said he hoped I’d kept Thursday free, since it was Valentine’s Day and he’d arrange something nice. I’d completely forgotten – it’s been so long since I did anything on Valentine’s Day!

We kissed but nothing else and I came home. It was nice, but I still feel like we’re overdue something else.

2 thoughts on “Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 10th February 2019

  1. KF

    I like that, I wish I could do that some time. I’ve actually tried leaving my clothes where people should see them and could possibly take them, no such luck

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