Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 9th February 2019


I kept fiddling with my zip all night yesterday and Kieran kept staring at it as I flashed some skin at him but still nothing happened! I wonder if he just doesn’t know what to do. I’d hate if that was the case, because although I like a nice polite man it’s no good if they’re far too wet to notice when I’m giving off every signal in the book.

I came home and unzipped my top and then shut my curtains and didn’t care who might see. Well, they wouldn’t see much except a bit of tummy anyway, since my top was still around my shoulders, but I could but hope.

And then I was so frustrated today that I put my nice underwear on and a big coat (since it was still a bit chilly) and went for a walk, but then it all went a bit wrong when I bumped into a friend from an old job! We chatted in the street for a couple of minutes but I was so scared that she’d guess I was out in not much more than my underwear that I turned down an offer of going for a coffee, although that would have been nice. We’re going to catch up on Tuesday evening for a bit instead.

When I got home I collapsed on the bed in a fit of giggles, still in my underwear and coat. It nearly went badly wrong but it was a lot of fun and I’m glad it happened.

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