Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 7th February 2019


Unlike start-up Tuesday, PR Thursday isn’t a very adventurous day. There are lots of nice people there, but most of them are women and they’re always running around being disorganised yet at the same time too important to do their receipts. I guess it keeps me in a job.

When I got back to the office in the afternoon Jo asked me how it was all going and did I mind being out of the office for a day and a half a week. I said I liked being out and she said good, because people liked me and I was good with clients. That made me feel all kinds of warm inside and made my cheeks glow again.

It was baking in our office too, but I couldn’t take my sweater off as I had literally nothing else underneath. I fantasised about it a bit, of course, and then went and tried to flirt with Matthew for a while. The problem was he didn’t know I wasn’t wearing anything underneath so it was so much fun.

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