Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 5th February 2019


It might be cold outside, but it’s warm at the start-up’s office! Long socks and short skirt and a sweater and no underwear whatsoever made me feel great for the day. While I was working I saw one of the guys kept looking at my legs so I fidgeted as much as I dared to let my skirt ride up my thigh. Not too high or I might end up showing a bit more than I’m ready for right now! Also I don’t really fancy him anyway.

It was quite a temperature contrast between indoor and out and in the lift when I came back from lunch I spotted a guy staring at my chest for a second before looking away and realised my nipples were so cold they were forming a perfect contour against my sweater! It was kind of a thrill, but only because he was so embarrassed when I noticed him looking. I even said something about it being cold outside and he mumbled a reply. Little did he know that it wasn’t just my nipples that were cold as despite my big coat the breeze had still somehow found a way up my skirt.

I was feeling pretty horny when I got home so I messaged Kieran, but didn’t get a reply for a couple of hours by which time I’d taken matters into my own hands (quite literally).

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